Wispots Net Worth in 2023 – Wispots After Shark Tank

Here is an update on “Wispots’s net worth so far.

Wispots’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank12,000,000 USD
Wispots’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]Out of Business
Wispots’s Current Net worth (2023) Out of Business

Wispots’s founder Kevin Flannery has a net worth of 800,000 USD as of 2022


Wispots is a brand that serves both medical purposes and provides IT solutions. Let’s find out what happened to Wispots after it appeared on Shark Tank.

 What are Wispots?

Wispots is an interactive system that provides Wi-Fi and advertising services. It is designed for places with many people, like hospitals, where patients receive medical attention and treatments.

The best features of Wispots include internet browsing and the ability for patients to view their clinical trials and complete surveys. To use Wispots, patients simply need a wireless pad that acts as a screen.

When patients are not using the pad, they can see pharmaceutical products, promotions, and other marketing materials displayed on the screen. This makes it easy for them to stay informed about different products and offers.

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Who is the founder of Wispots?

Kevin Flanner is the person behind the creation of the brand, Wispots. He had a lot of experience in the maritime industry, spanning over 20 years. Additionally, he was skilled in wireless technology, which he used to develop Wispots technology.

Before starting the company, Kevin dedicated more than 6 years to research and testing. His initial focus was on institutes that prioritize patients’ well-being and provide entertainment. During this time, he was also serving as the CEO of AivenGroup.

Interestingly, Kevin embarked on this venture without any partners. When things got tough, and success seemed uncertain, he took a bold step and decided to participate in Shark Tank, hoping it would be a turning point for Wispots.

What happened at the Shark Tank

At Shark Tank, Kevin was seeking a financial partnership. He offered 10% of his company’s shares for $1.2 million to interested investors.

During the discussion, Kevin mentioned that he had already invested over $550,000 into Wispots. However, Kevin O’Leary was skeptical and compared his funding to a lost troop that would never return.

In the end, Kevin decided to step out of the deal due to concerns about the Wi-Fi and patient agreements. Barbara acknowledged Kevin’s efforts but felt it needed to be a better decision. John Daymond also advised him to step down before spending more money.

Unfortunately, the investors at Shark Tank were not ready to accept the deal. They didn’t offer any suggestions for a reduced price or increased shareholding.

Wispots Shark Tank update

Following his presence on the TV show Shark Tank, Kevin was required to depart without obtaining any contracts for his business Wispots. Since that time, half a decade since that incident.

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In the year 2019, a couple of years following the Shark Tank, Kevin decided to alter the name of his company to the name AIRwave Medical Solutions INC. Throughout this period, it was evident that he had eliminated certain connections and links linked to his company. It appeared that the business may cease its presence in the healthcare industry.

What Happened to Wispots After the Shark Tank?

In the present day, the company and Wispots no longer exist. Kevin decided to close down the company altogether. If he had followed the advice from Shark Tank, he could have avoided the negative impact on his family and prevented any hardships.

Competitors off Wispots

PatientPoint is a product similar to Wispots, providing similar medical services to patients. Other companies like Phreesia, ZocDoc, Vitals, and JoyTunes offer identical services and compete with Wispots.


  1. Is Wispots still in business?

    After operating for ten years, Wispots closed its business in 2012. Now, Kevin serves as the President and CEO of AivenGroup company.

  2. What is the net worth of Wispots in 2022? 

    As of 2022, the net worth of Wispots is private since the company shut down its business in 2012.

  3. Who founded Wispots?

    Wispots was founded by Kevin Flanner, a maritime professional with over 20 years of experience and expertise in wireless technology.

  4. What happened at the Shark Tank with Wispots? 

    At Shark Tank, Kevin Flanner sought a financial partnership for Wispots, offering 10% of the company’s shares for $1.2 million to interested investors. However, he did not secure any deals during the show.

  5. Is there any update on Wispots after Shark Tank?

    After the Shark Tank episode, there haven’t been any significant updates about Wispots, as the company ceased its operations in 2012.

  6. What happened to Wispots after the Shark Tank?

    Following the Shark Tank appearance, Wispots shut down its business in 2012 and no longer operates.

  7. Who were the competitors of Wispots?

    Some of the competitors of Wispots included companies like PatientPoint, Phreesia, ZocDoc, Vitals, and JoyTunes, which provided similar services in the medical and IT fields.

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