Fact Checking Policy

DailyTechPortal strives to give readers accurate and trustworthy information, so we have implemented an exhaustive fact-checking policy before publishing content on our website. Before doing this, we consult various sources, and experts, and conduct rigorous research in order to validate all facts cited.

At DailyTechPortal , our aim is to offer an impartial view of every story without taking sides or pushing any particular agendas or positions. If we cannot verify the accuracy of the information provided to us, it will not be published.

Should any errors surface post-publication, we take swift and decisive action to rectify them and issue a clear correction statement.

We welcome feedback and corrections from our readers, so if you believe we have misinformed anyone please reach out – if necessary we’ll take note and implement necessary changes if required.

At High Point News Agency (HPNA) our commitment to high journalistic standards and accurate reporting remains strong. Our fact-checking policy plays an instrumental role in upholding this promise to readers.