Ethics Policy

At DailyTechPortal, we take great pride in upholding the highest standards of transparency and ethical behavior in all our affairs. Our Code of Ethics adheres to these principles:

  • At DailyTechPortal we aim to be an objective platform, that brings people from different backgrounds and political stances together in order to discuss important issues, while at the same time providing our viewers with accurate and significant information at any time of reporting an issue.
  • Credit must always be given for our sources; any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated.
    At our core, our aim is to present impartial, balanced, and logical views on issues. To do so effectively and impartially. we maintain an official separation between business interests and editorial decision-making and guarantee they do not influence editorial decision-making in any way.
  • At DailyTechPortal, our priority is accurate reporting over breaking news; therefore, we won’t speculate about information not yet verified or include diverse perspectives in stories for fair and balanced coverage. Should an error arise in any story we produce, a public apology and steps will be taken to rectify it will be issued and taken to correct our mistake as quickly as possible.
  • At DailyTechPortal we clearly distinguish editorials from advertisements/advertorials, while remaining strong and resilient under pressure from powerful groups; standing firm by our editorial team should there be legal disputes or harassment of any sort.