Stellar Photo Recovery Review | All You Need To Know Pricing & Key Features

Everyone has had to deal with some difficult situations where we lost our most memorable photos or audio or video files due to accidentally deleting them or formatting them. This unintentional action could cause a lot of stress. But we’re here to share the good news that we have found a suitable solution to retrieve the lost files.

Yes! It is necessary to have an application or a program which can help you recover crucial information. One such program that is highly efficient and reliable is not different than Stellar Photo Recovery. Stellar Photo Recovery software. It claims that it can retrieve any media in the shortest amount of time.

The program is also available at three prices that are ideal for all. We will go over the full functionality and structure and Stellar Photo Recovery review and pricing of the software in this article.

Stellar Photo Recovery Review

Stellar Photo Recovery tool is an outstanding recovery tool that can retrieve multimedia content such as audio, photos and video files lost due to a variety of reasons, including the formatting process, accidentally deleted, or files disappearing due to infections or viruses.

Stellar developed the program It is developed by Stellar, and it works with the use of both Windows as well as Mac devices. The third-party software can help recover any file, including 4k, 6k, 8k UHD, CFast, and CompactFlash micro SDHC/XC card.

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Stellar Photo Recovery application helps recover data from devices like DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, Drones and other cameras for action, VR cameras, Encrypted drives, laptops, Hard drives, USB, Memory Cards, and Other Storage devices. Stellar Recovery Tool gives a DIY solution that permits people who are not tech-savvy to utilize it with ease, as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

Key Features of Stellar Photo Recovery Tool

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool has numerous remarkable features that awe everyone, particularly experienced experts in the videography and photography fields. Stellar Photo Recovery Tool is a tool that has technical merit in a variety of ways. It is described as follows.

  • Stellar Recovery Tool helps in recovering photos that were deleted accidentally or unintentionally. Stellar Recovery Tool helps you locate and retrieve these photos.
  • Stellar Recovery has a unique feature known as the ‘Deep Scanning method that assists in retrieving data lost because of typical virus attacks on devices. The data lost may be challenging to recover. However, Stellar Recovery software ensures to find all encrypted data.
  • Stellar Recovery software assists in restoring deleted files as well as their actual information like information, date, time, camera name, or device model, along with the original quality of the image.
  • Stellar Recovery tool can recover large amounts of RAW photos in just a few seconds, based on the quality and size of the images.
  • The tool helps you find the type of image or file stored in a specific folder. The tool can also help restore images and drawings or images that have gone missing because of malware.
  • Another outstanding feature of this tool is its preview function which lets you get a glimpse of the documents you need to recover. This feature allows you to exclude unneeded files from being recovered.
  • Stellar Recovery allows you to retrieve deleted files even under Bitlocker support. With the aid of save and resume options, images are restored without having to perform an entire scan of the drive once more.
  • Stellar Photo Recovery not only aids in recovering deleted files but also analyzes devices with damaged storage media and disks.
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File Formats Stellar Photo Recovery Tool Supports

  • Below are the formats of files that work with Stellar Photo Recovery software.JPEG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, Adobe EPS, etc.
  • Camera RAW Files: CR2, ERF, RAF, K25, NEF, ORF, SR2, etc.
  • Video Files: MOV, MXF, AVI, ASF, WMV, MP4, 3GP, etc.
  • Logos, graphics, illustrations, and illustrations.

How to Recover Files By Using Stellar Photo Recovery Tool

The deleted files can be recovered using Stellar Photo Recovery software by taking three easy steps.

Choose The Drive And Scan

After installing your Stellar Recovery software on your device, select the drive you wish to recover your files. Find the location of the files lost. Then click “Scan” for the tool to test the drive. The tool begins scanning the drive. The scan’s duration is based on the size of the data files and the price plan you have purchased.

Preview And Restore The Files

Once your scan is completed, the application displays all of your files for backing up. Review each folder to identify files you would like to retrieve and select them before beginning the recovery of lost files.

Save The Recovered Files

Save the files saved, such as images, videos, and audio files, and select the location to your device on which the files will be saved. One RAW image is saved in just a few minutes. This means that multiple images are saved within a short amount of time.

Recovers Upto 10 Files Less Than 25 MB Each For Free

Stellar Photo Recovery tool is a 100% secure download tool that can recover up to 10 files that are less than 250 Megabytes (25 MB for each) from various storage devices, including a pen drive, SD card hard drive SSD CD/DVD, etc. no cost.

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However, if you need to access more data than the 10 files, You will need to buy additional subscription plans, such as Standard Professional Premium, Technician, and Standard. These plans vary in price.

Pros And Cons Of Stellar Photo Recovery Tool


  • The tool is user-friendly and has an interactive interface.
  • The tool supports many formats for files.
  • The tool works with various devices.
  • Even the most encrypted files can be easily retrieved.
  • The tool offers the safest and most secure experience.
  • The program lets you view a preview before recovering the files.


  • The tool offers pricing plans but isn’t accessible at no cost.
  • The file’s name will be changed following recovery.
  • A subscription is required to access the features of the tool.

Pricing Plans:

Three plans can be adapted to the needs of users. The Standard plan is priced at 29.99 dollars, the Professional at 69.99 dollars, and the Premium at 79.99$.


Stellar Recovery Software is the most popular and best tool for recovering files such as videos, audio, and photos files deleted accidentally or formatting of media storage devices,s or damaged or lost files due to the emergence of malware. Stellar Photo Recovery can be used on a variety of devices and supports various formats of files and offers an easy-to-use interface. Be assured that you won’t be worried about your lost files because Stellar Recovery is a source of many advantages. i hope this Stellar Photo Recovery Review will help you to take your decision in the right way.

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