Soul’s Calling Net Worth & Shark Tank (2023 Update) Love and Kindness Brand

Souls’s Calling is an organization that produces and sells different accessories and tokens for clients. The company provides high-quality items, guaranteeing their buyers are pleased with their acquisitions. This organization is well-regarded amongst its competitors, having great testimonials from contented buyers. Actually, they became a participant as part of Shark Tank the premiere season. Despite possessing enormous possibilities, the firm needed help in increasing its revenue.

In our company, we are incredibly proud of making and delivering extraordinary accessories and tokens that bring delight and contentment to individuals’ lives. Our extensive selection of items meets different preferences’ needs, creating memorable and cherished experiences. Within this piece, we will investigate the core of our company, the fire that inspires us. It establishes us as unique from rival firms with outstanding quality.

Soul’s Calling shark tank Update:

During Shark Tank season 1, Gina Cotroneo, the founder of Soul’s Calling, bravely showcased her brand and its products on the stage. She passionately presented her business plan and emphasized the exceptional quality of her products. Gina sought a $150,000 investment, offering a 25% share of the company in return. Despite impressing Daymond John with her dedication, he, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec decided not to make a deal. Unfortunately, Soul’s Calling had not achieved significant sales then, leading to their inability to secure a deal on Shark Tank.

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What happened to Soul’s Calling after Shark Tank?

Soul’s Calling had a unique business model but faced a significant challenge with their sales. Despite offering premium products, they struggled to increase their sales and market value. Unfortunately, after their appearance on Shark Tank, Soul’s Calling was unable to secure any investment, and as a result, they had to leave without funding. According to reports, Soul’s Calling no longer operates in the business.

Soul’s Calling net worth 2023:

In 2012, during which the company was operating, the total financial worth equaled $500k. Nevertheless, the organization has undergone notable development after that, and its financial worth has expanded exponentially. Despite being involved, their annual earnings were relatively modest. It remained at just 29 grand at that point in time.

Soul’s Calling Founder:

Gina established the organization, a business that supplied surprises to individuals. She trusted that the items she created would provide happiness to customers. Unluckily, situations didn’t progress according to the original intention. The firm’s profits dropped gradually over time. Ultimately, She had to dispose of her cherished project in 2012. 


At Soul’s Calling; our mission is to create treasured moments through premium accessories and gifts. We stand firm in our commitment to delivering unrivaled quality, fostering customer happiness, and making gifting a memorable experience. We aspire to touch hearts and enrich lives with passion and dedication, one exceptional product at a time.

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  1. Q1: Did Soul’s Calling receive any investment from the Sharks?

    A1: Soul’s Calling did not secure an investment from the Sharks on Shark Tank.

  2. Q2: How did the Sharks react to Soul’s Calling’s presentation?

    A2: The Sharks were impressed by the Love and Kindness aspect of Soul’s Calling but were hesitant to invest due to particular business challenges.

  3. Q3: Did Soul’s Calling continue its operations after the show?

    A3: Yes, Soul’s Calling continued its operations following its appearance on Shark Tank.

  4. Q4: What is Soul’s Calling’s net worth in 2023?

    A4: As of 2023, the current net worth of Soul’s Calling is not publicly disclosed.

  5. Q5: Has Soul’s Calling’s net worth grown significantly since its establishment?

    A5: Soul’s Calling’s net worth has experienced fluctuations since its inception.

  6. Q6: Who is the founder of Soul’s Calling?

    A6: The founder of Soul’s Calling is Gina Cotroneo.

  7. Q7: What inspired Gina Cotroneo to start Soul’s Calling?

    A7: Gina Cotroneo founded Soul’s Calling to spread love and kindness through their products.

  8. Q8: Is Gina Cotroneo still involved with Soul’s Calling?

    A8: As of the latest information, Gina Cotroneo is no longer associated with Soul’s Calling since she sold the company in 2012.

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