Here’s Some Things Not To Do When Using ChatGPT! Chatbot

This is the thing you shouldn’t do using ChatGPT.

AI chatbots seem to have made waves since OpenAI’s ChatGPT, introduced in 2022, received so much global acclaim that millions of people began using it for various uses around the globe.

This chatbot has significantly advanced natural language processing, boasting various capabilities, including writing poems, essays, stories, and essays.

As with any new technology, ChatGPT may appear like the solution to all our woes; there’s the risk that it might seem infallible; therefore, it is crucial that users acknowledge its limitations as opposed to thinking it can do everything on its own. Despite its incredible abilities, however, ChatGPT remains only human-powered despite appearances.

As with any AI model, ChatGPT may not be error-proof and is susceptible to error and inaccurate data outputs; hence this article seeks to outline all that ChatGPT cannot accomplish while also offering guidelines as to what users should avoid when engaging with ChatGPT.

1. Don’t write academic papers with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be invaluable for students who rely on it as the go-to service for writing academic essays efficiently and promptly.

Though ChatGPT provides text generation and details on numerous academic subjects, users must take caution when using it as part of an academic citation or source-citing procedure.

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Due to its education and training, there were times that the chatbot generated false or inaccurate references or citations; often known as hallucinations. Such errors led to misleading data being produced, which caused inaccurate predictions or outcomes for certain events.

2. Do not ask for news or real-time information

If you believe ChatGPT will allow you to stay abreast of global news events, it would be prudent to assess all your available options carefully.

ChatGPT relies on existing information from an expansive database, with training ending by 2021 as its target date of inaccuracy. Therefore, users should avoid depending on it for timely or current updates or information.

If you use ChatGPT to compose essays or articles, ensure the information it produces has not become outdated during its training duration.

Although it might be tempting to chat with ChatGPT about any question due to its vast database, it should be recognized that it is not an accredited expert.

ChatGPT does not constitute a licensed expert in finance, law, or medical field. It should not be relied on to provide legal, financial, and medical guidance. People seeking specific guidance in these areas should seek advice from professional experts or qualified experts.

4. Sharing Personal or sensitive information

ChatGPT has no access to personal information about people unless it is explicitly disclosed during the conversation. Therefore, be cautious about what you share, and must be aware before you click the prompts.

5. Self-correction or fact-checking

ChatGPT is not equipped with the capability of self-correcting or checking its answers. Although efforts were made to eliminate mistakes, it can provide inaccurate or misleading information without an integrated method to verify the information.

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6. Risk of being manipulated and tricked

ChatGPT may be altered or manipulated to provide unacceptable or prohibited responses. If they are careful, users can exploit its limitations and force it to produce untruthful or harmful content.

As shown in numerous cases, ChatGPT can be deceived into providing a list of sites that are pirated or providing strange responses.

These incidents demonstrate the need for responsible use and the necessity to use cautiously when working with the chatbot.

It is essential to be aware that ChatGPT can be described as an AI language model that reacts according to patterns and data. It may not always make a sound judgment or understand the motive behind specific commands. It is important to be aware of the content they seek from ChatGPT and refrain from engaging in activities that may lead to unintended or illegal behavior.

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