How do you turn on High-Quality Sound on Spotify? Enables 320 Kbps Audio Streaming

Spotify is the go-to app for streamed songs and podcasts, used by millions worldwide and constantly enhanced to deliver an enjoyable listening experience as new features are released to make our experience seamless.

Spotify recently implemented High-Quality Audio streaming into their app, making the music listening experience higher audio quality than ever. Unfortunately, this update came without their creators’ official announcement- learn how to enable High-Quality audio here!

How do I turn on High-Quality audio on Spotify?

To stream any music on Spotify in high-quality follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app and click on the Home tab in the lower-left corner.
  2. Click Settings in the upper-right right-hand corner.
  3. Select and select the Audio Quality option.
  4. Choose Wi-Fi streaming or Cellular streaming, and then tap Very High.

You can also choose to use the Auto Adjust Quality option, which alters the quality based on your internet speed and connectivity to ensure seamless streaming. The High-Quality feature is available only for Premium subscribers. Additionally, it is only available in the app, it is not available on the web version.

High-Quality is different from HiFi, as announced earlier

The High-Quality feature increases an audio rate from 160kbps to 332 kbps, an impressive increase. However, it should be noted that it differs significantly from HiFi, which was first made public two years ago by Spotify.

HiFi streaming music service will feature uncompressed streaming that emulates CD quality music at a 1,411 Kbps bit rate and was announced in 2021; however, its implementation remains incomplete. There have been reports that Spotify may charge extra for HiFi with an optional premium plan costing an extra $19.99-a-month in addition to their standard $9.99 monthly plan.

The co-president of the platform, Gustav Soderstrom, talked about the delays on HiFi when he spoke to the media with us two months ago. He stated, “We made it public initially, but the industry changed for various reasons. We’re going to implement it; however, we’ll make it happen to benefit both us and our viewers. The market has changed, and we had to change.”.

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“We would like to do this in a manner that is beneficial from a cost standpoint. I’m not permitted to speak on our label agreements or on what other companies within the industry have done due to obvious reasons,” said the CEO.

Fans are happy with high-quality audio

A few Spotify users have been on social media to show excitement about the latest feature. “OMG Spotify Premium Gets High-Quality Audio Now It Sounds AMAZING,” tweeted a user, and another user wrote, “That ‘very high’ audio quality feature on Spotify helped me save my day.”

“Today marks one year old since I discovered how easy it was to change Spotify’s audio stream quality from medium-low to extremely high and we are listening to old-school favorites!” wrote one user. Another noted, “had no idea I could select very, very high” quality from Spotify; I have had it running continuously as usual throughout its run; music styles vary significantly while my personal favorites remain superior – truly incredible!”

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