youtube vanced the following content is not available Problem?

YouTube Vanced is utilized by a large number of users around the world in the world as a substitute for YouTube Premium. The app offers premium benefits such as ad-free videos as well as background play. It is at no cost to all its users.

The platform has been becoming more and more popular in recent times, due to the growing number of advertisements that appear before YouTube videos. In the past couple of days, a lot of users have complained that YouTube Vanced isn’t working properly and displaying errors. Learn more about the cause and how to remove it.

youtube vanced the following content is not available Problem? How to fix it

Numerous users across the globe have reported that they are unable to stream YouTube videos on YouTube Vanced any longer. When trying to load the videos on the app, the third-party streamer shows the following message: “youtube vanced the following content is not available on this app. Check out the latest version of YouTube.”

But, the platform is functional for some users. The issue could be region or account-specific. The issue came in the midst of Google having sent a “cease and desist notice’ to the YouTube developers Vanced due to legal issues.

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The developers behind the platform later said that the app will only work only as long as the current version is compatible and there will not be any further updates. “Vanced is no longer available. Current versions of the software will function well until they are obsolete in two years or then,” the company tweeted in March of this year.

How to fix youtube vanced the following content is not available?

If you’re also having trouble loading the app, these options could be helpful:

Reinstall MicroG

Some users have said that the issue lies with MicroG, The tool which allows you to use Google Accounts. Google Account on Vanced. You can go to Settings on your mobile and choose “Accounts.” and logout and login again

Remove MicroG Account

Check for the account you have logged on to MicroG and click Remove.

Login Again with an Identical Account

Log in to Vance yet again with an identical account.

Try New Account

If the issue persists, you should make an entirely fresh Google account and then use it to access Vanced.

Enable VP9 or Protobuf for spoof

The option of enabling ‘vp9′ or “protobuf for spoof’ also can fix the issue.

Users Are Dissatisfied with the Issue

People are now taking to social media to express their frustration over the misfunctioning of YouTube Vanced. A few believe that due to the legal notices from Google, Vanced has been blocked permanently.

Someone Says”

“I’ve been using Vanced with zero issues for years now. Suddenly beginning a few days ago, videos are taking forever to buffer. I have to wait forever for them to load, and they sometimes need to pause midway through to buffer a long time again,”

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